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For Further information on FreeFlight including details on how you can obtain your free 30 day no obligation trial, please call

Tel: 01772 750211
Mob: 07802 913753
Skype: rocketmandlgc

Or email maurice(at) (replace (at) with the usual)

Please note, on a 30 day trial you will NOT be able to work with your own members. The demo is pre-configured with a complete dataset to allow you to try out the functionality and ease of use.

It is entirely possible you will be able to get a good feel for FreeFlight by watching the "How To" videos. If however you do wish to proceed to a full trial using YOUR OWN data There will be a one off charge of £500 for 2 day's consultancy to assist in the data import and set-up process

As an alternative - A remote, Hands On Demonstration can be arranged for a pre-appointed time - either to an individual or a group of members At your end you will need a fast broadband connection and a skype account to hear my commentary/instructions. If the presentation is to a group of people - they will all need to be able to hear the audio feed.I can remotely present to three computers at separate locations in a group session